The history of Tango

Tango is one of the most iconic musical genres in Argentina, but its history is much deeper and more complex than one might think. Over the years, tango has evolved from a popular musical genre in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires to an artistic genre appreciated around the world.

Tango has its roots in the fusion of several musical genres and cultures, including African candombe, Cuban habanera and Argentine milonga. At the end of the 19th century, tango began to be performed in the streets and bars of the poorest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, such as La Boca and San Telmo. It was in these places that the tango culture developed, with its own social norms and codes of behavior.

In its early years, tango was frowned upon by the Argentine upper class, who considered it a vulgar and dangerous genre. However, over time tango gained popularity and began to be performed in more prestigious venues. In the 1910s, tango became a fashion in Paris and other European cities, where Argentine dancers and musicians were considered exotic and exciting.

During the so-called Golden Age of tango (between 1935 and 1955), the genre reached its maximum artistic expression. At this time, tango was played in large orchestras and performed in theaters and concert halls. The most famous singers and musicians of the time, such as Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla, created some of the most emblematic works of the genre.

In the 1950s, tango began to lose popularity in Argentina due to the arrival of other musical genres, such as rock and pop. However, tango was still very popular in other countries, especially in Europe and Japan.

In recent decades, tango has experienced a renaissance in Argentina and elsewhere around the world. New generations of musicians and dancers have reinterpreted the genre, fusing it with other musical styles and creating new forms of expression.

Today, tango remains an important part of Argentine culture and is admired by people around the world. Tango music and dance are a unique form of artistic expression that reflects the history, passion and identity of a country and its people.

Couple dancing tango on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina

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