A Porteño Taste in the Heart of Mexico

Puerto Madero restaurant is not just a place to eat, it is a temple where food lovers pay tribute to culinary delight. The perfect fusion of Argentine roots with a deeply Mexican heart, provides a stage where flavors dance in a tango of sea and land. From premium cuts of meat to the freshest imported seafood, each bite is a hug to the palate. And for those looking to travel with their senses, the flavors of Puerto Madero are available in several cities in Mexico, as well as Cancun and Miami, Florida.

Now, if your culinary adventure in Puerto Madero makes you wonder where to start?, we present three options that are a celebration of flavors:

  1. Butter-Soy Tuna: There is no better way to explore the flavor of the sea than with this dish. Perfectly cooked tuna medallions sit on a bed of mashed potatoes. The soy and butter dressing enhances the natural richness of the tuna, offering an experience that balances oriental flavors with the texture of potatoes, characteristic of Latin American cuisine.
  2. Seafood Fountain: For seafood lovers, this dish is a treasure. A generous portion of Alaskan crab leg, four shrimp, four oysters in the shell, four live clams and two scallops make up this marine feast. Each element in the platter maintains its freshness and flavor, allowing you to appreciate the diversity of flavors and textures that the ocean has to offer.
  3. Australian Wagyu Ribeye: For those who prefer the land, this dish is a gem. The Australian Wagyu Ribeye is an exceptional dish that combines the tenderness and flavor of Wagyu meat with the skill of our grill masters. This experience is further enriched with a wine from the Mendoza vineyards, which blends perfectly with the intense flavor profile of this cut of meat.Puerto Madero is more than a restaurant; It is a culinary journey. So no matter if you are in Mexico City, Miami or Cancun, we invite you to immerse yourself in the gastronomic experience that Puerto Madero has to offer. Enjoy!
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